Over 95% of Kennedy Center Total Knees are still going strong after 16 years

The Kennedy Center for the Hip and Knee is nationally and internationally recognized as a leader in total knee replacement. Dr. McLaughlin has presented his long-term results using titanium total knee replacements at multiple national medical meetings.

Long Term Results

After 16 years, over 95% of the Kennedy Center’s knee replacements are going strong. The titanium implants used at the Kennedy Center have been successful with any type of patient: young, old, highly active and those who are overweight. With new and improved bearing surfaces, Dr. McLaughlin believes that most knee replacements should last 20-30 years.

Over the years, the Kennedy Center has continually introduced new and improved procedures for knee replacement surgery including minimally invasive and rapid recovery surgery. Perhaps most important is the Kennedy Center's pain management program. The Kennedy Center surgeons, working with the pain management specialists at Mercy, have developed sophisticated pain control programs that are tailored to each individual patient. Our goal is a fast recovery, less pain and a knee replacement that will last most patients a lifetime.

AAOS: Total Knee Replacement