People who want to stay active longer in life often benefit from the Sports Medicine approach practiced at the Kennedy Center. Our surgeons are board certified in sports medicine and orthopedic surgery. Because our team of doctors has advanced specialty training they are well equipped to meet the most challenging sports related injury.

Sports medicine is a unique approach to athletic injuries that benefits people of all ages and activities. Our physicians will design the best treatment option specifically for you–whether that’s non-surgical or surgical. Our goal is to get everyone, from the hard-core athlete, to the weekend warrior, to the recreational adult back to the activities they love…we’ll get you from pain to performance.



Non-surgical Orthopedics

Arthroscopic surgery—a less invasive procedure for shoulders, upper extremities and knees

Our board certified orthopedic and sports medicine trained surgeon—Dr. Davis Tsai—specializes in arthroscopic medicine and minimally invasive surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is an important option for patients. It  is less invasive than traditional open surgery—it’s normally performed through two small incisions, which means that there’s less trauma to the body so patients typically heal faster and with less pain.

During arthroscopic surgery, the surgeon makes a very small incision through which a camera can be inserted directly into the injured joint. A camera is attached to a fiberoptic light source that is shown on a television screen. Our physicians can then look “live” at the injury and use the precise tools and techniques to solve the problem.

Arthroscopic surgery is typically done on the shoulders and knees and less often on the elbows and wrists.