Sports Concussion Management

Posted on May 27, 2015, by

The most important step in managing concussion is to get the correct diagnosis as soon as possible. During sporting events, the team physician or sideline athletic trainers will remove the athlete from participation if they show any signs of having concussion. The injured athlete will undergo both physical and mental tests looking for a concussion injury. If you think your child has suffered from a concussion, have them stop playing immediately and get evaluated by a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Medical providers can perform several office tests to determine if that individual has had a concussion.

Medical studies show that the best concussion treatment combines bothphysical and mental rest.

  • Physical Rest includes avoiding any sports, gym or recess activities.
  • Mental or Brain Rest: Since it’s the brain that’s been injured, it’s vital to
    let your brain rest too. The following are a sample of cognitive activities
    that should be avoided until your doctor approves:

    • Working at your computer
    • Playing video games
    • Watching TV
    • Texting
    • Reading, writing or studying
    • Avoiding bright lights and loud music
    • Sometimes driving and school limitations

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Dr. Fornetti will oversee how quickly your child can return to normal activities. The new concussion law in Wisconsin says that an athlete cannot return to play unless cleared by a health professional trained in sports concussion management. It’s important that your child gets the treatment they need. Children and young adults often experience more symptoms and take longer to recover than adults.

At the Kennedy Center, we develop sports concussion management plans that involve a team approach with athletic trainers, coaches, teachers, parents, and athletes. This will ensure that your child receives the proper medical treatment while working with the school system to help to coordinate an effective transition back to normal activities and sports.